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Why Us

You have an important choice to make when choosing an attorney,
and there are many reasons to choose Hatzidakis Law.


At Hatzidakis Law, we believe we have a duty to stand up when the rights of our peers are violated. All people are entitled to civil rights, including employment rights, and violating these rights is wrong. We believe that our work helping individual people enforce their rights helps advance civil rights for all of us. We are proud of our work and our role in eradicating sexism, racism, classism, homophobia, and other prejudices.


The founding attorney at Hatzidakis Law, Christina D. Hatzidakis, has years of experience advising employees on-the-job, negotiating successful resolutions out of court, and fighting for employee rights in court. For more about Christina, click here.


Listening and speaking are both important communication tools. Starting with your first consultation at Hatzidakis Law, we will take the time to listen to your case and your goals. We will explain the law to you and give you a customized analysis of how the law applies to your particular situation — in plain English. As your case progresses, we will keep you informed and welcome your questions. Your case is your case, and you have the right to understand it.

Client satisfaction

Christina enjoys working with each of her clients, and she takes personal pride in achieving each client’s goals. Former clients are eager to talk about their experiences working with Christina — just read their praise in their testimonials on this page.

Flexible payment options

Hatzidakis Law makes it easy to afford legal services. We offer credit card payments, online bill payment, and other flexible payment options to ensure that you can afford to assert your rights.

“Christina helped me resolve a compensation dispute with my former employer. During this difficult time, I felt confident knowing that Christina was advocating on my behalf. Christina listened and worked hard to understand my situation. She was incredibly focused with the details of my case and was always positive, confident, and upbeat. Her quick response to questions and concerns always made me feel better about the direction of the proceedings. Christina negotiated a fair settlement for me without a lot of stress and additional costs. I would never hesitate to recommend Christina.” — Vic G.

“Christina represented me in an ADA disability discrimination and retaliation case against a large Fortune 100 firm. Her representation and advocacy on my behalf were excellent. She is both cordial and relentless in her pursuit of evidentiary facts, in handling depositions, and in protecting my interests. She presents you with her knowledge, experience, and guidance without pushing you in a particular direction. Her memory of case facts, documents, and precedents makes her a formidable advocate on your behalf. I highly recommend her practice.”
— Dave B.

“As a transgender person, I have been blessed to have found Christina to take on my case of discrimination. She had studied transgender law and was very supportive in helping me get justice. Christina really put forth effort into making sure my case received a fair settlement. I can't thank Christina enough for the considerable amount of time she spent on my case. She's not just a lawyer but also now a good friend!”
— Sandy B.